How To Get Settled On A Personal Injury Claim Without A Lawyer

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It’s no denying that getting in any type of accident can be stressful. In most cases, it involves too much work. Most times you also want to just get over it and move on to settlement and put everything in the past. While doing so is completely understandable, it is also a complete waste of what you truly deserve because normally, insurance companies and representatives of the other parties involved tend to negotiate on a way lower compensation than you deserve. But if you want to move forward without a lawyer, then here are the simple things you can consider when trying to get settled on a personal injury claim. 


Is The Liability Clear?

Representing yourself in a clear-cut incident would be wise when it is obvious that the other party is to blame for the cause of the accident, and you’ve got witness(es) who can testify on your behalf. However, if the liability is unclear, and yet to be determined, it would be advisable to reach out to a trusted attorney to discuss the matter. Otherwise, you’d be in for a long fight and the other party involved might put the finger back at you. 


Gather Documents

It is important to gather all evidence and documents pertaining to the case. You must have a copy of the police report, photographs, statements, witness information, and any relevant documents that would support your claim. Keep medical records, treatment procedures, and everything that you have undergone during or after the incident.


Calculate Your Damages

Be objective in and factual in the costs you have incurred. This is particularly easy when you’ve kept receipts and documentation of the cost you made due to the incident. Record your lost income – how much wages and hours you have lost. Keep track of your hospital bills and the treatment cost. By doing so, you would have an idea of how much you would be asking the other parties for.


Send A Demand Letter

Sending a demand letter means that you are serious in asking for just compensation for the damages that occurred to you. Once you already have the complete necessary information and documents ready for your claim, or foresight of how much your claim is going to cost, you are then ready to send the demand to the at-fault party. A demand letter is a comprehensive letter that explains the details of the incident, an explanation of why you think the other party is at fault with a complete legal basis, and how much the damages are and why you have come up to that figure. It is expected for the other party’s representatives or insurance provider to respond to your demand letter. Sometimes, they will respond with a counter offer for you to review, deny, or accept. If everything is in order, then you will be settled accordingly.


Most personal injury claims are settled outside court. Insurance companies would rather settle you right then and there instead of having to push forward with the claim in court and spending more on trials. However, there are also instances when you feel that you are taken advantage of, sad you are not getting what you’re supposed to. It is also quite all right and perhaps time to pick up the phone and talk to your trusted attorney. Doing so, would release you of the burden to have to do everything related to your case.