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Most truck accidents happen on interstate highways or multi-lane roads. This will mostly likely result to higher impact speeds and therefore the massive weight and size of a giant rig truck versus a car is devastating. Truck accident claims are complicated since state laws differ, and lots of commercial trucks are subject to federal regulations. There are many other parties involved within the case, besides the drivers and their insurance companies, all of which could not have your best interest in mind like the truck owner, truck manufacturer, brake manufacturer, shipping company, cargo owner, and lots of others.

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Causes of Truck Accidents

There are the main factors in all truck accidents around the country.

  • Speed
  • Illegal drug use
  • Traffic congestion or existing accidents
  • Brake issues
  • Roadway hazards
  • Sudden / unexpected stops
  • Truck driver fatigue
  • Overloaded trucks
  • Medications
  • Driver error

In some cases, the reason for a truck accidents is obvious, and all to often, no one disputes the real occurrence. In others, however, the reason for an accidents is unclear, and nobody wants to require responsibility for it. In these cases, it should be that determining the reason for the accident would force significant investigation, and also the analysis and opinion of an accident reconstruction expert. If these are the things you are currently in, you ought to call your truck accident attorney immediately. Your lawyer will thoroughly investigate your case and pay money for the up-front cost related to litigating your case. Any delay could end in the destruction or loss of evidence and jeopardize your ability to receive compensation.

Type of Commercial Truck Accidents:


  • Underride accidents occur when an automobile crosses under the trailer portion of the truck. So-called “underride accidents” are chargeable for 350 deaths a year on American roads.
  • Override accidents occur when the dimensions and force of a truck have the potential to crush the passenger compartment of the vehicle ahead of it.
  • Rollover accidents are among the foremost common truck accidents. They’re also among the deadliest. They pose a selected threat to truck drivers thanks to the elevated cab position and weight of the vehicle furthermore as a threat to other cars behind it.

Truck Accident Liability

Truck accidents’ responsibility will fall on whoever ultimately caused the crash. Some cases may involve multiple liable parties. Contact a truck accident lawyer to know more about determining liability and the way you’ll prove who is guilty.

In a tractor-trailer accident, liable parties could include:


  • The driver of the tractor-trailer
  • The owner of the tractor-trailer
  • The manufacturer of the tractor or faulty parts
  • The company that owns or loaded the freight
  • The trucking companies

If you have a Truck Accident:

Never sit down with or sign anything from the opposite party’s side without calling a truck accident lawyer first. Many folks take the primary settlement. No depository financial institution offers them because they need to urge the claim over or they won’t know that they might be entitled to more. Insurance companies are always trying to accept the bottom amount, leaving you in debt with medical bills and lost wages. An experienced truck accident lawyer will get all the money that you are owed, from every possible source. Call us today to debate your case.

Accidents involving trucks should be carefully handled by attorneys with the specialized skills and which includes guarding you against trucking companies and their resources. the earlier you contact us, The earlier you contact us, the better you are able to secure evidence before it’s been lost or damaged. Prompt investigation of the crash is crucial to the successful prosecution of a truck accident case.

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